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Kaliwatan 2017: Apologia Pro Vita Ordinatorum with Apologies Henry Cardinal Newman

Homily for Kaliwatan 2017

Homily for Joedith-Ramjay Marriage


PARISHES AS WELL SPRINGS OF MERCY AND RENEWAL Pastoral Exhortation of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines to open the Year 2017 as the Year of Parishes, Communion of Communities

Catechesis on the Encyclical Letter on Human Life

As guardians rather than owners of the Church’s doctrines, the popes are simply unable to alter the Church’s stand on such topics as abortion, contraception, divorce, or women’s ordination.

When Pope Paul VI dramatically reaffirmed this teaching through his Encyclical Letter on Human Life in 1968, clearheaded commentators saw that far more than the issue of contraception was at stake. The whole body of Catholic teaching on the nature of the human person, of the one-flesh communion of spouses in marriage, and of the meaning of human embodiment in relation to questions of, for example, homosexual conduct and relationships, monogamy, and marital fidelity and indissolubility was on the line.

The Pope’s encyclical deserved the courtesy of a reading. He incurred the wrath of the theologians who promptly placed a full page ad telling all that they disagreed with the Pope and individuals could believe THEM and not worry about it. None of them had even read it yet.

Because of so much noise about the RH Bills at the present time (towards the end of 2010) this has been updated today, November 17th, 2010.

Due to inadequate teaching from us on this all important matter, I am giving a series of catecheses on Pope Paul the VI's Encyclical Letter on Human Life: .
Teachings of Humanae Vitae Ang Gitudlo sa Humanae Vitae
  1. Pope Benedict the Sixteenth on the Word of God and Human Ecology from his Christmas Talk to the Roman Curia in 2008
  2. Towards a Culture of Life

  3. Origins of RH Bills in the Philippines - 1

  4. Origins of RH Bills in the Philippines - 2

  5. Origins of RH Bills in the Philippines - 3

  6. Origins of RH Bills in the Philippines - 4

  7. No Communion for Public Backers of RH Bills

  8. To Read Humanae Vitae with an Open Mind

  9. Prophesies of Pope Paul the Sixth

  10. The Pill and Humanae Vitae

  11. Body Language in the Marital Act

  12. Protestants drop the Common Teaching

  13. The Pope’s Mission to Teach on the Matter

  14. Attempts of Some to Subvert the Teaching

  15. Entrance of the Pill into the Debate

  16. Nature of the Marital Act

  17. Participation in Creation by the Marital Act

  18. False Propaganda on Condom and AIDS

  19. Pope Paul the Sixth’s Predictions Validated

  1. The "Scare Tactics" of Overpopulation

  2. The Mockers of Humanae Vitae Are Running Scared

  3. Dire Consequence of Ignoring Church Teachings

  4. Natural Family Planning (NFP)

  5. Marital Act, an Image of the Trinity

  6. Contraception and Denial of Communion

  7. Pope Benedict the Sixteenth on Humanae Vitae

  8. Contraception Leads to Abortion

  9. Contraception and the Theology of the Body

  10. Contraception and the Ecology of Man

  11. Gender Identification and Procreation

  12. Contraception and Same Sex Orientation

  13. A Witness to Humanae Vitae Writes

  14. Artificial Contraception

  15. Contraception and Condoms

  16. Pope Benedict the Sixteenth on the Use of Condoms

  17. Vigil for Life with the Holy Father  - 3

  18. Vigil for Life with the Holy Father  - 2

  19. Vigil for Life with the Holy Father - 1

  20. Dissent of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on the Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

Catechesis on the Real Presence (in English and Cebuano)

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Catechesis on Confession (in English and Cebuano)

Catechesis on Gay Relationships in English and Cebuano

Catechesis on LGBT: - 38: Pope Francis on LGBT
Catechesis on LBGT Relationships 37:
LBGT: Not "Born That Way" 

Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 36: Doctrine of the Faith’s Document on Same-Sex Attraction
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 35:
Dissent of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Same Sex Marriage
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 34: Instructions to Catholic Politicians

Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 33
: To Teach the Truth
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 32
: CLAIMS vs. the EVIDENCE - 2
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 31:
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 29:
The debate over homosexualityCaveat on the Moves for Accepatability of Gays 
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 28:
The Church will not give up its defense of marriage                      
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 27: The Homosexually Oriented Person and the Church
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 26: Marriage is a normative social institution
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 25: Marriages and same-sex unions are fundamentally different 
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 24:
long-term approach of teaching one's children
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 23: roots of same-sex attractions
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 22: no one can carry homosexual baggage across the seminary threshold
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 21: active roles in promoting the "Gay Revolution
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 20: Can celibate homosexuals be ordained -- yes or no?
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 19: The celibate priest
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 18: Just how widespread is homosexuality among the clergy?
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 17: the scandal involving homosexual priests
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 16: new document on admitting "homosexuals" to the seminary
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 15: Vatican Published a Document on Homosexual Unions
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 14: Homosexuality is behavior that is damaging to individuals, to families and to society
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 13:
not so much a contradiction as a difficult path to follow
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 12: responsibility to preach the truth about the evil of constituting men sodomizing each other as "a marriage"
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 11: "love the sinner, hate the sin" 
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 10: we call homosexual behavior a sin
Catechesis on Gay Relationships -  9: sodomy is one of the sins that "cry out to heaven"
Catechesis  on Gay Relationships - 8: emphasize the basics
Catechesis on Gay Relationships - 7: commu