Homily on the Day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Seminary Matters

Declaration on Seminaraians with Deepseated Homosexual Tendencies

Homily for the Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year B (August 12, 2012)

Homiliya sa Julio 22, 2012

Pastoral Letter of the Bishops of the Philippines to Prepare for 1521

Pangilin sa Birhen sa Cotta sa Julio 16 sa 2012

Just to remind myself about why priests would not like to concelebrate for now

Nganong Dili Makig-Concelebrate ang Pipila ka Kaparian uban kang Padre Inting sa Pagkakaron

Homiliya sa Pangilin sa Birhen sa Cotta

Pangilin sa Birhen sa Cotta

On the Choice of Cebu as the Venue of the Next International  Eucharistic Congress

Message to the First General Assembly of Church Historians on July 9 of 2012  (Longer version)

Exhortation for the Right Implementation of the "Year of Faith"

Benedict XVI and the Door to Faith

Homilies on the Year of Faith - Mga Homiliya Bahin sa Tuig sa Pagtuo
  1. Year of Faith 1 Proclamation
  2. Year of Faith 2 The need to rediscover the journey of faith
  3. Year of Faith 3 Mission ad Gentes and the New Evangelizatin
  4. Year of Faith 4 Cafeteria Catholics
  5. Year of Faith 5 The Catechism and Challenges
  6. Year of Faith 6 Hermeneutics of the Council
  7. Year of Faith 7 Public Profession of Faith and Guidelines
  8. Year of Faith 8 Faith and Young People
  9. Year of Faith 9 Faith and Families

Pastoral Recommendations for the Year of Faith From the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith

  1. Introduction (1)

  2. Introduction (2)

  3. Recommendations

  4. I. On the level of the Universal Church

  5. II. On the level of Episcopal Conferences

  6. III. At the Diocesan level

  7. IV. At the level of the parish/community/association/movement

  8. Conclusion

  9. Endnotes

Update on Father Inting

Pastoral Letter on a Disturbing Trend of Threats to Our Core Values Sulat Pastoral sa Arsobispo alang sa Mayo 20, 2012

Pastoral Statement on Miss Gay Contests (in Cebuano only)

Why I Do Not Want Miss Gay Activities During Fiesta Celebrations

An Alert from the Archbishop on the RH Bills on March 14 of 2012

Earlier Alert on RH Bills

An Exhortation on Confession

Mindanao Bishops' Web Site

Test 37

Test 38    Test38a     Test38b


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