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Dedication of the Cathedral   Series A     Series B     Series C     Series D     Series E     Series F    Series G           Series 1  10042008331.jpg (339696 bytes) Series 2     Series  3

Dedication of The Ozamiz Cathedral  Final and with homily (appendix) and names of awardees

Homily for the Dedication of the Cathedral

Good Shepherd

Reflections on the Priest on Good Shepherd Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Easter)

Reflections on Mane Nobiscum Domine B (Third Sunday of Easter)

Reflections on Mane Nobiscum Domine A (Third Sunday of Easter)

Day of the Sick for the 25th Anniversary of the Archdiocese

Divine Mercy Sunday 2008

Graduation Homily for 2008

Easter Sunday of 2008 - Pasko sa Pagkabanhaw sa 2008

Paschal Vigil, 2008 - Bihilya sa Pasko sa Pagkabanhaw, 2008

Good Friday of 2008

Jueves Santo sa 2008

Holy Hour which can be used at any time especially at the Altar of Reposition on Holy Thursday

Chrism Mass for the Year 2008

CBCP Pastoral Statement of February 26 of 2008

CBCP Intervention February 26 of 2008


oldcath3009.jpg (376323 bytes)Old Birhen sa Cotta Picture as it looked in the old Cathedral Church before the Earthquake that destroyed it.

oldcath1008.jpg (499515 bytes)oldcath2010.jpg (224212 bytes)DSC03128.JPG (1311872 bytes)Inscribed at the base of the Statue of the Immaculate Conception at the Cathedral. Donated by the Loving Wife and Children of Dr. Jesus Sanciangco, Sr., in his memory.




DSCN0540.JPG (1245800 bytes)Diocesan Clergy of Mindanao Convention    Series 1    Series 2    Series 3



Brochure3.jpg (2503314 bytes)Ozamis Cathedral Renovation - 1            Ozamis Cathedral Renovation - 2              Ozamis Cathedral Renovation - 3


DSC07130.JPG (234158 bytes)Pagkuha sa Krus     


DSC03196.JPG (717287 bytes)Pagbalhin sa Patron:  Gallery 1     Gallery 2     Gallery 3

Liturgical and Pastoral Notes for the Lenten Season (English - Cebuano)

Katapusang Mga Pulong sa Ginuo (Siete Palabras)

Ang Dalan sa Krus (Via Crucis)

To First Communicants                                Sa Unang Mangalawat

Theological and Pastoral Approach of Pope Benedict the Sixteenth

To be proposed for the Agenda of CBCP Plenary Assembly of January of 2008

In solidarity with the Holy Father

DSC02791.JPG (1542931 bytes)Sinulog 2008a     Sinulog 2008b     Sinulog 2008c     Sinulog 2008d     Sinulog 2008e

Homily for Santo Niño  2008         Version at the Santo Niño Mass in Cebu, January 20, 2008


100_1679.JPG (1076696 bytes)Kaliwatan 2008 Series 1       Series 2      Series 3      Series 4      Series 5  

Homily for Three Kings 2008 in English and Cebuano

Homily for Funerals Taken from Spe Salvi in English and Cebuano

Homily for New Year 2008 in English and Cebuano


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