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Mubo nga Kasaysayan sa Simbahan nga Lokal sa Misamis Occidental

The Shrine of the Virgin of the Cotta


For more than two centuries our people have come to the Shrine of the Virgin at the Cotta, which they claim to be miraculous, to invoke her protection.  So much so that our identity as Church will forever be marked by our devotion to our beloved Ang Birhen sa Cotta.

The Archbishop celebrates Mass at the Cotta on Sunday and Thursday afternoons.  This is for the purpose that we be rooted to our past and preserve our identity as a local Church. 
Our devotion traces its history back to 1756 when the Jesuit Missionaries brought from Spain a statuette of the Immaculate Conception and placed it in the chapel of the Cotta built. 
cotta.jpg (194470 bytes)Around the year 1758 an image of the statuette was etched into the wall of the Cotta which the people started and continue to venerate.

Officially named Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción y del Triunfo de la Cruz de Migpangi, they call it Ang among Pinangga nga Birhen sa Cotta.

The devotion was encouraged by our Archbishop and is now the task of the Apostolado sa Birhen sa Cotta.
The people used to pray the Novena in the old way.  
In 1997 the Archbishop devised a New Novena more in keeping with the Reform of the Liturgy.
It is our hope that through this series of initiatives by the Archbishop we will be able to be rooted to our identity.
Our identity is also much connected with the Archbishop's Teaching on the Local Church